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Software Test and Acceptance

Main Menu

  • Events
  • Staffing
  • Employees
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Uniforms
  • Settings


  • Create Event
    • Find/Create Customer
  • Find Event in lists:
    • Events Overview
      • Navigate through months
      • Filter by Event's dates and Event Category
      • Filter by Event Status
    • Events Calendar
      • Navigate through months
      • Filter by Event's dates and Event Category
      • Filter by Event Status
    • Events list
      • Filter by time range
  • Create Event Rejection


  • Edit/Modify Event
  • Shift Planning: recurring staff times
  • Staff Planning:
    • Staff planning for each day
    • Staff planning for Multiple Days
  • Calendar: planned staff per day and type
  • Pre-Calculation

  • Create Ad for Event ("Featured Event")

    • Create Featured Event
    • Featured Events are displayed on Freelancer start page
  • Employees page

    • Lists freelancers registered for featured event
    • Reject registered freelancers
    • Add/Remove planned employees (not yet staffed)
  • Employee Days page
    • Click Edit button of selected employee
    • Select Travel Type / Work Day
    • Selecting Departure will automatically set work days until Arrival day
    • Select Staff Type for Work Days
  • Staff Assignment
    • Click day and staff type to load list of all/available employees
    • Assign selected employee by pressing Select Employee in the lower window
    • Assignments are displayed on employee's calendar, both in EventisCC and Freelancer
    • Expand/Collapse staff type to see staff assignment
  • Service Plan page
    • Display assigned staff
  • Evaluation
    • Evaluates Employees at event
  • Evaluations
    • Display all employee evaluations for event

Training Event


  • Select Category: Training
  • Create/Select Customer 'DO&CO Training'
  • Create/Select Trainer (=Customer Contact)
    (trainers should be contacts of special customer "Training")
  • Create/Select Customer Location
  • Select Type: training

  • Select Participants (i.e. Employees)

  • After completed training, issue Certificates

Calculation-Only Event

  • Select Category: Calculation


  • Staffing, Staffing/Events: weekly view of events with
    • Staff in cancelled events
    • Staff assigned, but not planned
    • Changed Plans
    • Staff missing
    • Too many staff
  • Available Employees: Available/Deployable employees ready to be staffed
  • Day Overview: list of day's events with staff by type
    • Link Staff navigates to Event's Staff Assignment
    • Link Service Plan navigates to Event's Service Plan


  • Employee List
    • Filter employees by type
    • Filter employees by name and other properties
  • Employees/Documents same as Documents
  • Employees/Announements to manage announcements on
    • Create Announcement
    • Select dates to display
    • Optionally select filtered Residences
    • Optionally select filtered Administrations
    • Edit formatted text


  • Select Employee from list
    • View employee's Profile
    • View employee's QR Code
    • View employee's (accepted) Documents
    • Upload document for employee
    • View employee's Uploaded Documents
      • Accept or Reject employee's uploaded document
    • View employee's SMS Messages
    • View employee's Calendar
    • View employee's registration for Featured Events
    • View employee's Timetable based on event staffing
    • View employee's Trainings
    • View employee's Uniforms

Verify that the information is updated correctly as employee data is changed by staff assignment, document processing etc.


  • View list of employees with uploaded (not yet accepted) documents
  • View list of employee's uploaded documents
  • View uploaded document and verify data
    • Accept/Reject uploaded document

Customers (Contacts)

  • List Contacts
    • List Company Contacts
    • List Private Contacts
    • Filter list of contacts
  • Create Company Customer
  • Create Private Customer
  • Create Customer Locations
  • Create Customer Contacts

Event Groups

A collection of Events

  • Create Event Group
  • Add Event(s)
  • Display Event Evaluations
  • Assign Navision ID
  • Issue Uniforms (see Uniforms)


Return uniforms (as described in Uniforms)


Manage Freelancer Announements


  • Featured Events are displayed on start page
  • Freelancer can register for Featured Event
  • Registrations for Featured Events are displayed in the Calendar

  • Assignments are displayed on employee's calendar, both in EventisCC and Freelancer

  • Announcements are displayed on start page if employee matches announcement's criteria

  • Functions listed under Employee are also available for freelancers on