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What's new in Version 1.22

EventisCC V1.22


Neuerungen in V1.21 siehe What's new in Version 1.21

Alle Ă„nderungen siehe EventisCC-Changelog


  • Display sent SMS statistics
  • Display sent SMS statistics by country

Statistics are displayed for current year and 2 prior years, numbers refer to messages and 160-character SMS's.


  • list of Locked Days
  • create Locked Day

Eventis (V2)

  • Event's EventColor is now selected in form
  • Create Event: Standard Uniform is checked
  • Edit/Display Cancel Reason
  • Bread/Ice/Milk Order functionality
  • Bread/Ice/Milk calendar + report


  • fixed quarter-hour rounding for Internal Costs Report
  • XLS export: numeric values are numeric
  • Overview Pre-Calculation Costs
  • Overview Employee Payscale and Internal Costs
  • Overview Customer Payscale