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What's new in Version 2.2

EventisCC V2.2


Neuerungen in V1.24 siehe What's new in Version 1.24

Alle Ă„nderungen siehe EventisCC-Changelog


  • fixed link to View Order in Edit form
  • fixed paging in Calendar
  • display only ordered categories in View Order
  • Delivery Date default is set to event Start Date


  • link from event to Event Calendar
  • Copy Event without Cost Unit
  • default company set to EAT
  • print background colors (requires Print Options in Chrome)

Event Locations

  • Location and Area can be defined in Staff Planning
  • Filter Staff Planning by location or area


  • fixed message in Comment Update conflict
  • Staffing/Day: calendar control also on page bottom
  • fixed removing assigned staff without planned shift ("FIX")
  • fixed layout errors in /Staffing/Event
  • display warnings of /Staffing/Events also in /Staffing/Day


  • link from Employee Calendar to legacy Payment