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What's new in Version 2.4

EventisCC V2.4


Neuerungen in V2.3 siehe What's new in Version 2.3

Alle Ă„nderungen siehe EventisCC-Changelog


The Send Email button is now implemented as a webmail form if the button potentially refers to many employees:

  • /Employees
  • /Event/Staff
  • /Event/EmployeeDays
  • /Event/EmployeeDaysEdit
  • /Staffing/Day
  • /Staffing/Employees
  • /Staffing/Event

The Send Email button to a single employee still opens Outlook.


  • removed the context menu for FIX entries
  • don't show rejected registered employees in /Event/Employees (except in tab "Registered")
  • "International Staffing" Update button
    • FIXED BUG: International Staffing did not check existing employee staffing correctly
    • rollback staffing changes if any error occurs during staffing
  • display more status hints in /Event/EmployeeDaysEdit
  • Delete staffing: if option "Delete from event" is selected then
    • delete all employee data from event
    • set registered employees to rejected
  • highlight overstaffed planned shift in
    • /Event/Staff
    • /Event/EmployeeDays
    • /Event/EmployeeDaysEdit
    • /Staffing/Day
  • /Staffing/Event allows staffing in past events (as in all other staffing pages)
  • fixed display of "Changed Employees"
  • fixed DatePicker in /Staffing/Day


  • Event Sales now filters for "Selected Companies"
  • Allow update of Invoice Number, Actual Sales
  • Extended Pre-Calculation report and .xlsx