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What's new in EventisCC 2.9

EventisCC V2.9


Neuerungen in V2.8 siehe What's new in EventisCC 2.8

Alle Ă„nderungen siehe EventisCC-Changelog

Event Calendar

  • Create Event Calendar to display in year view (2*6 months)
  • Select Event Category to display all events of that category
  • Select single Events
  • Adding single Events to the Event Calendar limits the calendar display to the years of the selected events
  • Events can be displayed by event name or by selected icon (FAK, RBS, FCBM)

Event Calendar ToDos

  • Display Event names vertically
  • Define layouts


  • Fixed error on start page if no uploaded documents exist
  • Go to Event# in Events list view
  • New grant Payment
  • Migrated Event Payment Report (requires Payment permission)